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Forbidden cargoes to transportation:

- Weapon, goods of dual purposeя (which can be used for making of arms and military equipment), explosive and flammable substances, narcotics, forgery of public documents, goods export and import of which requires special permits of exporters and importers countries, as well as devices that contain mercury. When you try to move these categories of the goods, the information concerning the clients are transferred to the competent authorities.

- Cylinders with liquid and gas (except for empty cylinders with twisted osthe absent gate)

- Money (bank notes), including foreign currency, securities.

- Jewelry, precious metals and stones, antiques.

- Animals (remains of animals) and plant.

- Food.

- Goods requiring special temperature conditions.

- Other items that are forbidden by the current legislation of Ukraine.

- Goods that emit smell and can cause damage to other goods.


Magnets, batteries, liquids, powders, and electronic appliances are accepted for transportation after prior agreement with the manager of the company.


Conditions of delivery by air


The delivery costs by air depend on:

- category of the goods:

• household category  – the goods consumer that are not end electrical / electronic devices: chips, screens, casing, accessories and spare partselectrical equipment, automobile parts, light bulbs, sockets, cables, wires, etc.

• clothes, shoes

• electronics - ready electrical / electronic products, including food items such as power supplies and batteries, charging additional - power bank; flash drives, chargers, garlands, mouse, keyboard, etc.

• cosmetics, liquids, etc.

• brand - in the presence of the logo, name, picture brand / mark / label well-known brand, which is in the list of intellectual property, goods will be deemed counterfeit.

• If the category is controversial, in the description must be specified link or photo of the goods.

- cargo density:

According to the international rules of air transportation, cargo density should not be less than 167kg / m3. When cargo density less than 167kg / m3 the rate can be recalculated.

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About company

Instead of too many words – the best confirmation of the Cargo Euro quality is the many grateful responses of our regular and long-term partners.

More than 15 years, Cargo Euro renders a full range of logistics services at the highest level. Our staff has a large experience of solving the various kinds of logistic problems and challenges. We are glad to offer to our Partners the best and the most profitable solutions of cargo delivery.

The main concept of our company is the effective, mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation even if it sometimes goes to a section with our own interests.

In another words – we fully support the thesis «The client – is always right!».





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